Social Perception Essay On The Movie

Social Perception Essay

While walking down the sidewalk you pass a Caucasian man in a suit talking on a cell phone and then a young looking African American girl with a baby. What do you think when you see the man? That he is a successful businessman perhaps. And what do you think when you see girl? Just another unwed, single teenage mother who will drop out of school and live off the tax money the businessman is faithfully paying maybe. While perhaps in reality, the man is unemployed and living off welfare and has just come from a job interview and the girl is making extra money babysitting to save for college. These kinds of assumptions are an excellent example of social perception.

Social perception is the process through which people interpret information about others, draw inferences about them, and develop mental representations of them. Social perceptions are made up mostly by schemas. Schemas are the mental representations about people and social situations a person has. A schema can influence the things a person notices or ignores about another person. Also, a schema will help decide what types of things we remember about a person. The schema will also affect the way another persons behavior is judges by a person. Overall, a schema helps a person 'fill-in-the-blanks' about another person. Schemas can be a positive thing as well as negative. A correct schema will help someone categorize a person quickly and react to a social situation in an appropriate way. Yet, incorrect schemas create false expectations and errors in judgment about the person/people that could eventually lead to narrow-mindedness or prejudice.

Another important part of social perception is impressions. Schemas are the basis of all first impressions. That first impression will then become the basis of the later perceptions of another's behavior and a person's reaction to it. A first impression is formed almost instantly and it takes very little interaction and sometimes none at all. Yet for as quickly as a first impression is formed, it is a very slow process to change it. Also those first impressions will have a long-lasting influence on the perception of that person.

The next step is to explain the cause of people's behavior. This is called attribution. People normally attribute another's behavior to either internal or external causes. Internal causes deal with the characteristics of that person while external causes deal with the aspects of a situation.

A problem often faced in social perception is the presence of biases. The main bias in attribution is called the fundamental attribution error. This is the tendency people have to over-attribute the behavior of others to an internal...

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Exploring social cognition and how aspects of perception and judgement might affect stereotyping of gender using a Vignette study.

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The Lunch Date: Interpersonal Perception of the Film Essays

793 WordsMay 13th, 20144 Pages

Lesly Morrow
Professor Clark
SC 155
12 March 2014
The Lunch Date When I first viewed The Lunch Date , I formed many different impressions of the lady and what was going on. When the lady came walking into the station, my impression formation theory of her was that she was a bit more of the higher class, due to her physical qualities and elegant attire. She had an uncomfortable perhaps uneasy expression the whole time she was making herself aware of her environment. I felt as if she had not been in an environment like that before and was her selective perception had her very attentive. The primacy effect of my observation of the lady, due to her behavior and attitude towards people created a hornet effect of my standpoint…show more content…

She quickly made active perception with the diner clerk as she asked how much the salad was. After purchasing the salad she went to the table and placed her bags in the booth and placed her salad on the table. She went to get a fork and instantly used passive perception on the fork as she wiped it with a napkin. Her selective attention was so focused on the salad that she made a fundamental attribution error and the fact that she assumed the salad that the man was eating was hers. I interpret her behavior of others according to the attribution theory at this point in the clip.
At the point in the clip when the lady sat down at the table and stated that the salad he was eating was hers, I found it quite humorous and felt as if she had selective exposure to reinforce her beliefs that the salad was hers, as she mimicked the man after taking a bite of the salad after every bite he took. After the man went and got the drinks, one for her too, that I see her attitude change by impression formation theory. At this one point in time is the only time I had to construct my predicted outcome value theory due to my belief that she was actually being mindful to what was taking place. I got the impression that she was other-oriented for this brief period because her action and behavior, at this point, created the halo effect of my impression of her during this brief instance in the clip.

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